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Beach House Interiors

Monday, 11 July 2016  |  Admin

Beach House Interiors

At this time of year we long for lazy days in the sunshine, where we can relax and switch off from the stressful fast world that we live in. Our holiday destination will have a profound affect on our mood and ability to unwind. Therefore the interior of our holiday home should reflect this and be a calm soothing aesthetically pleasing environment.

Take inspiration from the outdoors. The sea changes colour with the weather, from deep aqua to a steely grey, This colour spectrum is soothing and cool, use fabrics and soft furnishings that reflect this.

Scroll down for some inspiration.


For more images of products available from many of the suppliers we use, please get in touch,.

We can supply you with furniture, soft furnishings and accessories at very competitive prices to suit your budget.

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